sâmbătă, 21 decembrie 2013

Getting ready for Christmas: 7.All I want for Christmas..

All I want for Christmas is peaceful moments with my family and friends, love, happiness, a little bit of snow and these: :))))

  • The Naked 3 palette - aaaah, just look at this beauty! I'm a sucker for neutral eyeshadows and this one seems perfect for me!
  • Zoya Logan -  this baby is haunting me for far too long :)) Although it won't be under my Christmas tree I'm sure I'll get it pretty soon.
  • Chanel Taboo -  You know I have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish so a Chanel would be the perfect addition to my evergrowing collection.
  • A new lens for my camera - a macro lens is my ultimate Christmas dream so please Santa, if you're real, make this possible :))
  •  A watch - I'm not crazy about wristwatches but this one looks perfect, I love the nude strap and the rose-gold round case.
  • Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose - I love how this perfume smells and although I probably have enough I still think about this one all the time :))
  •  An elegant winter coat -  this is something I really need. I just hope I'll find a pretty one soon enough.
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't expect to find all this items under the tree but I would be happy with at least one or two :)))
Please let me know, what would you love to get this Christmas?


I invite you to visit Elsa's page, she is sharing there all the entries for this challenge!

11 comentarii :

  1. Chiar azi am vazut un tutorial cu paleta de la UD. Frumoase culori :D

  2. Dragut wishlist ai, nu mi-l imprumuti? :))
    Zara au paltoane negre superbe :D Eu astept reducerile din ianuarie pentru asta.

  3. Sa-ti bifezi cat mai multe! :*
    Eu nu vreau Naked, vreau Sleek Vintage Romance ♥ tu o ai, stiu, ai fost cuminte. :D

  4. Imi place lista ta. Foarte variata! M-ai facut curioasa cu parfumul de la Gucci. Nu l-am mirosit niciodata asa ca mi-ai dat de lucru la urmatoarea vizita in mall.

  5. paelta mi-o doresc si eu, e singura din cele 3 care ma atrage atat de mult :-)
    Iti doresc sa gasesti sub pom cat mai multe daruri (sau sa poti sa ti le achizitionezi in curand :* )

  6. Să ţi se-ndeplinească toate dorinţele! ♥

  7. paleta naked 3 are niste culori superbe si eu mi-as dori-o :)
    si ceasul e superb, sper sa-ti bifezi cat mai mult de pe lista :)
    pupici :*

  8. cat de faina eeee ! imi place tare tare mult :X

  9. Imi place wishlist-ul tau ;)) mie imi e frica sa fac, ca sa imi aduc aminte tot ce vreau :))



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